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An international showcase of innovative stormwater
management and flood mitigation.


“…Staring down rapid urbanization and the effects of climate change, cities around the world are now racing to “resiliency.” Flood resiliency – the ability to adapt to or bounce back from extreme events – is being achieved in numerous ways. Some municipalities choose to build mega infrastructure to hold back or divert flood waters, others are trying to return heavily developed watersheds to more natural states, while others still build amphibious cities and let the flood waters in. The Shoal Creek Conservancy created City + Water to showcase innovations in these methods and to inform our discussions.”

Joanna Wolaver
Executive Director, Shoal Creek Conservancy

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“Looking to delicately balance resilient flooding solutions with the cultural opportunities of water, cities are contemplating what the watershed of the future looks like…As Austin and the Shoal Creek community consider how best to achieve these goals within the Shoal Creek watershed, these international examples can provide inspiration – the lessons learned and discussions sparked will be valuable as an Austin-made solution is developed.”

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Waterplein Benthemplein

How can we tackle flooding in Shoal Creek while creating cultural opportunities that improve our community?

Read more: Waterplein Benthemplein

The Hills At Vallco

Can flat roofs in the Shoal Creek watershed be used to store rainwater and reduce peak runoff?

Read more: The Hills at Vallco

Supertree Grove

Can the rainwater harvesting incentive program in Austin be improved to have a meaningful impact on flooding in Shoal Creek?

Read more: Supertree Grove


Where in the Shoal Creek watershed would stormwater rapid collection and storage systems be most useful?

Read more: Poreform

Mirabeau Gardens

What are the pros and cons of converting green spaces along Shoal Creek into ‘wet’ parks?

Learn more: Mirabeau Gardens

Rabalder Skatepark

Can more funding be secured for flood mitigation projects if they produce multi-functional features?

Learn more: Rabalder Skatepark (coming soon)


Can the development of the Shoal Creek trail attractively enhance neighborhood floodproofing?

Learn more: Dryline (coming soon)

Buoyant Foundations Project

What type(s) of retrofit floodproofing can be applied to the ~275 structures in the Shoal Creek watershed at risk of inundation during the 100-year storm?

Learn more: Buoyant Foundations Project (coming soon)

Cloudburst Boulevards

What areas in the Shoal Creek watershed – large or small – can we unpave?

Read more: Cloudburst Boulevards (coming soon)


Shoal Creek Flood Mitigation Study

This City of Austin-led study will assess various approaches to flood mitigation, how well they may reduce flooding, implicit challenges with their implementation; and cost.

The first public consultation meeting as part of the study is scheduled for March 9, 2017.

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Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan

The Shoal Creek Conservancy leads a public-private coalition that will create a community-driven plan to restore and protect Shoal Creek, providing a path to a resilient, healthy and safe watercourse. The plan will build on findings from the City’s Flood Mitigation Study and also address water quality, erosion, habitat and spring flow challenges. It will be the first watershed-specific plan in the City of Austin and serve as a model for urban watershed restoration.

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Shoal Creek is in the heart of Austin. In 1839, it was the city’s original western boundary. Today, it is an artery into the urban core, and this year will present a unique opportunity to create a world-class watershed. With two major planning initiatives underway, 2017 will be an important year in the shaping of Shoal Creek’s future. Join our Watershed Stakeholder Group email list and be the first to find out about opportunities to learn, get involved and have your say. The Shoal Creek Conservancy would like you to be a part of Shoal Creek’s future.

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