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The Shoal Creek Trail: Improve, Extend, & Connect

Vision & Need

The Shoal Creek Trail currently extends 3.25 miles from Lady Bird Lake to 38th Street. Shoal Creek Conservancy is partnering with the City of Austin Public Works Department and McCann Adams Studios to create the Shoal Creek Vision to Action Trail Plan, which will lay the groundwork for making major improvements to the Trail and extending it northward over 6.25 miles.

The demand for safe, alternative transportation options – and quiet places of respite – is rapidly increasing as Austin continues to grow. The Shoal Creek Trail will serve both as an alternative transportation corridor and a peaceful, revitalizing setting to experience the Creek’s wildlife, natural features, and historical landmarks. The expanded Trail will encourage green, human-powered transportation, provide a setting for outdoor family activities, and inspire Austinites to discover Shoal Creek’s hidden natural gems.

Plan of Action

Shoal Creek Conservancy is leading the creation of a Shoal Creek Trail Plan that will guide the following efforts to transform the Trail:

  • Extend the Shoal Creek Trail from Lady Bird Lake to the Shoal Creek headwaters near Highway 183. When complete, the Trail will span over 9 miles and link destinations such as the Domain, Pickle Research Center, the University of Texas, and Downtown Austin.
  • Grow Austin’s expanding urban trail network by connecting the Shoal Creek Trail to the Northern Walnut Creek Trail to the north and to the Butler Hike and Bike Trail and the regional Violet Crown Trail to the south. Install Trail amenities such as mile markers, maps, drinking fountains, and restrooms. Fill gaps in City of Austin trail improvement projects currently underway. Even after these projects are complete, gaps in the Trail will remain.
  • Facilitate a cohesive, community-developed vision for the Trail to guide its overall look and feel and shape the design of priority projects.

Support the Shoal Creek Trail Plan here! To get involved as a stakeholder, please contact to sign up for community meetings.