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The condition of Shoal Creek is a reflection of our community
- those of us who live, work and play within its watershed boundaries.

Out of the rubble and detritus of the Memorial Day floods,
a heightened/renewed appreciation of the creek has emerged
and with it great opportunity for progress.

We are grateful for your support
as we push for a sustainable, community-oriented
watershed strategy.

Photo: Austin Skyline/Ted Lee Eubanks Photography

Working together to improve Shoal Creek for all Austinites - present and future.

News + Events

  • Susan Rieff and Amy Wanamaker Appointed To Conservancy Board
    Susan Rieff and Amy Wanamaker Appointed To Conservancy Board
    We are very pleased to announce today the appointment of Susan Rieff and Amy Wanamaker to the Shoal Creek Conservancy Board of Directors. Susan and Amy possess a wealth of knowledge and varied experience which will help make their leadership…
  • Walking Tour Feedback Needed
    Walking Tour Feedback Needed
    We recently completed another successful series of Spring walking tours. We love hosting them, you love attending them, but we want to make them even better. If you can spare 2.7 minutes, please consider filling out our Walking Tour Survey…
  • Conservancy Awarded Three Prestigious Grants
    Conservancy Awarded Three Prestigious Grants
    We have exciting news to announce. Shoal Creek Conservancy is the proud recipient of three grants – one each from REI, the Texas Historical Commission, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. These grants play a vital role in supporting the Conservancy's projects and initiatives, and…
  • City Reviving Shoal Creek Tunnel Conversation
    City Reviving Shoal Creek Tunnel Conversation
    As the Statesman's Marty Toohey reported yesterday, the City, in the wake of the Memorial Day floods, is once again eyeing the idea of a Shoal Creek flood control tunnel which would redirect floodwaters under Lamar Boulevard to Lady Bird Lake instead of overland and through the commercial district south of House Park.

Field Notes

  • Where Goes The Water?
    Where Goes The Water?
      The year 2014 has choked to a close. As the cloud of dust settles, let’s see how we fared in this historic drought that still has us in its grasp. Austin averages 32.15 inches of rain per year. In…
  • Ducks in the Desert
    Ducks in the Desert
    If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands...Douglas Adams Shoal Creek is a waterfowl wasteland.…
  • Cabomba!
    The city traps trash at the mouth of Shoal Creek. The garbage is most noticeable after a heavy rain, when tons of waste are swept down the creek to Lady Bird Lake. The trap at the mouth of Shoal Creek, at least in theory, keeps trash out of Lady Bird Lake and in a spot where it is easier to collect.
  • The Drake Bridge Dilemma
    The Drake Bridge Dilemma
    There are only a handful of river crossings in Austin between the major freeways that hem in the city on the east and west. Between Interstate 35 and MoPac (Highway 1), there are only three bridges - Congress, First, and…